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We are Communication Specialists

Your message is important. We take great care and consideration in delivering your message. With our skills and experience and your important content, we craft a communications strategy to get your message to the intended audience.

Many clients have looked to us to help them write, plan, produce, and edit their projects in unique partnership. Writer/producers hire us to shoot and edit. We help independent producers digitally record their vision for their own editorial finishing. We welcome a synergy that puts our client in the center of the creative process. We do this in a way that best serves the message, budget and deadline.

We started this journey in 1986 in Chicago, Illinois with borrowed money for equipment and an assignment to make a sales training video. Nearly 30 years later we continue to help clients tell their story. Whether it is selling their products, training their staff, raising funds for their charity or sharing their unique ideas through the use of every communication tool currently available.

No matter what the medium, we explore ways to help clients tell their stories.

We can help you tell yours.

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